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          Inspire Therapy in the News

          See how Inspire therapy is making headlines.

          The views expressed in the news stories below are the views of the media and not Inspire Medical Systems. The patient testimonials in these stories relate to accounts of an individual’s response to treatment. The accounts are genuine, typical and documented. However, responses to the treatment can and do vary. Not every response is the same.


          Apr 2019

          Pacemaker-like device use to cure sleep apnea

          Theresa was in bad shape… her severe obstructive sleep apnea made her “feel like she was dying”.  CPAP didn’t work for her, and then she found Inspire.  As the first patient in Salt Lake City to have Inspire, Theresa is “excited about her life again”.

          Click here to hear more from Theresa and her doctor.

          Mar 2019

          A Simple Tech Device is Helping Those with Sleep Apnea Get a Good Night Sleep

          Dr. Mark Weidenbecher, an Ear, Nose & Throat physician from Ohio and his patient Kurt talk about sleep apnea and Inspire therapy on NBC-TV in Cleveland.

          Hear more from Kurt and Dr. Weidenbecher

          Mar 2019

          St. Luke’s Hospital: Sleep Apnea

          Dr. Matthew Marino, a sleep physician from Missouri, talks about Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Inspire therapy on CBS-TV 4 in St. Louis.

          Hear more from Dr. Marino

          Feb 2019

          What’s at Risk When You Aren’t Using Your CPAP Machine?

          Jim Thompson was tired all the time due to his obstructive sleep apnea.  Then he tried Inspire… and his life has changed for the better.

          Click on the top video to hear the reporters’ roundtable discussion and the bottom video to hear from Jim and his doctor

          Jan 2019

          McKinney Man Becomes First in Collin County to Undergo New Sleep Procedure

          Christopher lived with obstructive sleep apnea for decades… he only would get at most four hours of restless sleep each night.? Then he tried Inspire… “and now he’s happier and more energetic, more full of life.”

          Hear more from Christopher and his doctor